The Lions Club of High Rolls/Mountain Park New Mexico is a non-profit organization that consist of several local volunteers. These volunteers help the community by raising money and then returning it to those in need. Over 95% of the festival profits go to local, state, national and international charitable causes. Some of these causes are the National Leader Dog program, a program in which a dog is purchased and trained to help guide the blind, and the collection and provision of eyeglasses for the needy.

Aside from the festivals and charity projects, the Lions of High Rolls/Mountain park take on a “Signature Project”, projects of this magnitude usually consist of significant financial sources and/or manpower. The current signature project for the Lions is the construction of a new High Rolls/Mountain Park Community Center. To date we have acquired 5 acres of land, gained IRS status as a 501-C-3 organization (i.e., contributions are federal income tax deductible) and generated a “conceptual” floor plan and isometric sketch of the planned structure.

Please help us with our causes and join us at our two festivals, the High Rolls/Mountain Park Apple Festival and the High Rolls/Mountain Park Cherry Festival!