High Rolls Festivals

Festival Vendor Information

We typically have 75 vendors with a wide assortment of products; Native American jewelry, music, pottery, lamps, glass, rustic decorations, iron works, hand woven rugs, hand made clothes, kitchen accessories, art, food, both rustic and outdoor furniture, face painting, crafts, wind chimes, pistachios, pecan items, local honey, and much more!

If you are a crafts vendor with a product that you believe may be a good fit for our festivals, please read through the following FAQs. At the end, you will find a link to our vendor application.

How much is the fee for a vendor space?

The fee is $75 for one space for Saturday and Sunday.

How large are the vendor spaces?

Most spaces are a minimum of 10′ by 10′.

How many vendor spaces are there?

We have 75 designated spaces.

Are double spaces available?

There are a limited number of double spaces available. The fee for a double space is $150.

What can I sell?

We accept vendors who sell hand made arts and crafts items, NOT manufactured products.

Do you allow vendors who sell food?

We require a separate application for those selling food items for on-site consumption. Per festival rules, prepared food is only to be sold by those with valid food handler permits.

Are the vendor spaces indoors?

The spaces are outside and located in the woods. The ground is not always level.

Are setups provided?

Setups are not provided. You must provide your own tables, awnings, and chairs. There is no electrical power to the vendor area.

Is security provided?

There is no security. While we have had no reported losses of vendor products, we recommend you take precautions to secure valuable items.

Can vendors park vehicles next to their spaces?

You should plan to unload your products and then move your vehicle to the designated vendor parking lot. Parking near the booth area is for festival visitors.

When must I complete setup?

The Festival begins at 9 AM on Saturday. Setup must be completed before the Festival opens. A member of the club will be available on the Friday before the festival between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. to assist vendors that would like to set up early.

If it rains will the booth fee be refunded?

No. We do not cancel the festival due to weather.

If circumstances prevent my attendance can I be refunded?

We will refund the fee up to June 1st for the Cherry Festival and September 1st for the Apple Festival

When will you assign booth spaces?

Assignment of booth spaces will be made on June 1st for the Cherry Festival and October 1st for the Apple Festival. Acknowledgements will be mailed on the 2nd.

May I reserve a specific booth site?

Booth assignment priority for a particular site is for the vendor who occupied the space during the previous Festival. This is to encourage returning vendors and to reward them for regular attendance. If there is no fee received from a previous occupant by August 1st for the Apple Festival, and May 1st for the Cherry Festival, then assignments to a specific space will be based on the earliest postmark of the application of new vendors that are on the waiting list.

Where is the High Rolls Festival site?

High Rolls is located on Highway 82 between Alamogordo and Cloudcroft, New Mexico. From Highway 82, take Cherry Blossom North to Cottage Row, then turn left and proceed west to the end of Cottage Row.

How many visitors do the Festival draw?

We do not charge admission or parking fees and have no method of counting the number of visitors to the festival. There have been estimates of more than 10,000 for the two days during the Cherry Festival.

Who is responsible for collection of sales tax?

Vendors are responsible for the collection and payment of gross receipts tax.

Who is the taxation agency?

New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department, P. O. Box 25128, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-5128, 505-827-0700, www.state.nm.us/tax.

How do I get an application for a vendor space?

A download link is provided below

Craft Vendor Application


Food Vendor Application


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